Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catch up time

I finally found time to download pictures and get this blog up to date.

This is a sneak peak of the second boarder for Spring Fling Round Robin -3 quilt swap. Check the blog to see what it looks like after it is quilted.

This is a look at the first boarder I sent back in March.This swap started with us sending in a center to be added to and quilted by others in the swap. When I get my quilt back I'll post a picture of the center and the finished quilt. I can't wait to see what it looks like.

I also did the Miniature Booty Swap which was a little different. We sent in what color our kitchen is and size of quilt that would fit some where in the kitchen. In return we received a mini quilt that would fit in the kitchen, a kitchen towel to match and a recipe. This is the one I sent to Rhonda in Texas. I tried to capture the Blue Bonnet which is the state flower.

This is a block a month quilt that I did through a local quilt shop. It was called Fir and Ice. I chose Ice which was the blue and white fabric (Fire was black and red). I gave this one to my oldest daughter for her apartment.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Summer Sun

Here is the quilt that I made for the Monochromatic Quilt Challenge. I tried to keep it to just red - the recipients first color choice. The season is Summer which was my choice. the challenge here was figuring out how to make the sun rays look staggered and not have it be obvious where I started the piecing project. The second challenge was keeping track of which red I used where and how it all went together in the end so I didn't have the same red next to each other! I got it to work with some help from pinning numbers on the peaces to keep track of it all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Third Collage quilt picture

Finally I have a picture of the third quilt that I made this past summer. Now I need to figure out if I have enough time to make two quilts for my two sister-in laws for their big birthdays (60 th and 50 th). Stayed tuned, I'll publish progress soon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Gifts

Since the gifts have been opened, I can now post the Christmas gifts that I made. For my daughter I made a cross stitch reindeer table top. She also wanted some ornaments for her tree. The stocking pattern I found on line made some really nice ornaments that she can use on the table to hold the silverware.

For my sister-in-law I made a quilted table runner in all blue. It fit the table in her entry way. That wasn’t the plan but it fit perfectly!

Monday, November 24, 2008

For the kids

Every year at work we have a hat and mitten tree. So as my husband drives to/from work, I knit. Quilting is a little hard in the car. But I have done some bindings this past summer for the collage bound quilts. Last year I set a goal to make one scarf a month for the tree. I made 13. This year the goal was the same. The final total was 20 scarfs and 12 hats! This is just some of the items that when put on the tree. The process will start again in the new year. Maybe I'll see one of them when I walk around this winter.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catch up time

Miniature Booty Swap II
It made it to it's new home so I think it is safe to post the final picture. This one had a lot of little pieces and I had to make sure that the dark colors did not come through the white. It came together better then I expected with all the angle.

The last quilt for the collage bound was delivered earlier this month. I made this with 33 different fat quarters. I used the left over strips from the fat quarters for the boarder. It made a nice touch in the end. Now all I need to do is get a picture of the first quilt.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Miniature Booty Swap II

Here is a peek at the quilt that went out today for the Miniature Booty Swap II. Once I know that the quilt made it to its new home I'll post a picture of the whole thing. For a small quilt it had lots of pieces! Off to my next project.